We feel your


Fillin was conceived just over 3 years ago.


Nick (Founder) was standing in his kitchen, as he watched his father-in-law Rob, a restaurateur (Owner of 2 restaurants) storm up his corridor.

With his head buried in his hands, he moans that another one of his pizza makers had called in sick for the second time that week.

He asked Nick to fill-in, but with a house full of guests and on such late notice, it was impossible to help him out. 


Nick asked…


“Isn’t there an easy way to find staff at the last minute?”

He looked at him, laughed and literally said... 
“I F#@king wish!”


After months of researching and talking to hundreds of restaurant owners and their staff, we found that at the time, there wasn’t much around in terms of 24-hour, last-minute support via an app. 


The most exciting finding was...

85% of hospitality workers are willing to help out, and work for another business!


Nick partnered up with Rob and David (Tech Co-Founder & Developer) to create a platform that Rob and thousands of other business owners could use to gain access to all these workers, who are willing to help out.